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This book is part of a series. It is a sequel to I Survived, Awakening and Enduring. To appreciate Lisa’s story fully, read them first.


     After enduring the challenges, she faced in British Columbia, Lisa thought she finally would find new beginnings with her move to Ontario. It did not take very long, however, to find that some of her old stresses had followed her. While she finds grace in a loving rapport with her new in-laws and meets the challenges of going back to school as a mature student, she’s disappointed to find herself back in chaotic work environments, financial debt, and that familiar place of over-extending herself. As always, Lisa meets each new situation with determination to better herself and learn and grow from her experiences.

     Even though this three-year period of Lisa’s life is filled with many challenges, she experiences many moments of elation as well. Join Lisa in her new beginnings.

New Beginnings

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