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This is the sequel to I Survived and Awakening! Read them first.


Lisa's life story continues after she wrote Awakening! Her business closed, family ties were cut, friendships ended, and secret enemies formed alliances. Jealousy and anger raged as her dreams were destroyed. She tried desperately to hang on to them as long as she could but in the end she was left with emptiness and a feeling of failure. She had two choices: move forward and work through the dramas or give up and resign herself to deep utter depression and a life of sadness, nothingness.

            Follow her life story as she moves to the beautiful mountains of B.C. only to be uprooted and moved clear across the country to the frozen shores of Lake Huron. Understand her cries for help, see the strength and endurance this woman possesses as she struggles within and against the outside forces trying to destroy her.

            "I continue to survive despite the past, the present and the future. I will meet the challenges I am faced with, embrace them, and continue to search for the happiness and peacefulness I know exists in this world."



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