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12 years and $25,000 later...


“Who the hell do you think you are?”

Amy screamed.


         Alex turned away from her and headed for the door only to be grabbed by the shirt sleeve and spun around to face her again. He’d had enough of Amy and her tirades. He just wanted to leave—to get as far away from her as he possibly could. But how could he leave his children with this woman? Alex fought for twelve years to divorce Amy.

         Every time Alex agreed to her terms, Amy would change them. Follow Alex through the years from his marriage in 1993 to his final separation in 2005, and ultimate divorce in 2009.

         “This is a story we don’t often hear. It’s the story of a man who had to come to terms with his relationship with an abusive wife, and the impact of that relationship on their children. Somewhere in the middle of a divorce, we often find the children: lost, confused, and scared. This book was written to remind the parents their children deserve to be happy, not stuck in the middle of their battles.

         Divorce is hard on everybody. It’s even harder when one partner is abusive. If you find yourself in Alex or the children’s situation, remember, there is help for you. If it’s hard to ask for help for yourself, at least get help for the sake of the children.”

~Lisa M. Sobry

Divorcing Amy

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