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This is the sequel to I Survived. Read it first!


            After Lisa published her first book, I Survived, her life continued on with many challenges and dramas, yet she forged ahead attempting to find the inner peace she so desperately wanted and knew existed. With each spiritual teaching she received, a major drama occurred in her life that challenged the very core of her belief system. Join her on her spiritual journey through southern Manitoba, Central America, and the United States. Observe the dramas, feel the pain and anguish, integrate the lessons, and grasp the concept of the spiritual joy she experienced.

         “Forest Gump claimed, ‘life is like a box of chocolates.’” Some of my lessons were as sweet as picking up a chocolate-covered peanut butter cup, closing my eyes, and tasting the sweetness of the chocolate and peanut butter melting in my mouth. Others were as harsh and disgusting as picking up a cocoa-covered, unsweetened chocolate-coconut drop and spitting it out!” ~Lisa M. Sobry


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