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Medium Reading


Are you ready to speak with crossed over loved ones? Are you grieving, looking for answers as to why they crossed over? Hear messages of love and guidance from your crossed over loved ones.


This session may be done in person or on a social media platform with interactive video. Online readings must be done in a quiet space by yourself.


It's important to know that crossed over loved ones wont yell out their names and sometimes they give us pieces to a puzzle that you will need to figure out how to put together. The best advice I can give you is ask the person you would like to connect with, to come through and speak with you during your session. Ask them to provide you with clear answers that you will understand. Remember: just because you want Aunt Rose to come through, doesn't mean she will. If the other side has messages that are more important, they will be conveyed.


Group sessions with a maximum of four people, wanting to connect with the same crossed over loved one are available. See Medium Group Reading.