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I Survived So Can You


Anger, frustration, fear, worthlessness, determination, strength, resolve, and joy are all feelings that we experience at some point in our lives. Many of them can be caused by traumatic events such as death, birth, abuse, and success. Knowing that someone else has endured and survived gives us hope. Within the pages of I Survived, So Can You, you’ll find inspiring stories and emotional support shared by everyday people just like you. The stories will shake you to the core of your being, stirring up emotions that you never knew existed.Each one is a genuine story, telling the real truth about what people live through on a daily basis. If you feel like you’re alone in your situation, you’ll know that you’re not. Someone else has suffered similarly. Have faith, trust in yourself, and believe that you can do the impossible. If these people can survive, so can you. Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/I-Survived-So-Can-You/dp/1452581673/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1550346411&sr=8-7