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Full Spirit Activation


After 3-4 weeks of doing the Life Activation, I recommend clients continue expanding their consciousness by doing the Full Spirit Activation. This is a Holy Tibetan activation the Dalai Llama offers his initiates, and handed down to the Modern Mystery School. This hour and half session awakens your soul to this physical experience, and balances many layers of your energy field, including your chakras, and activating the tree of life within your auric field.  


The benefits of this session are many. When you are truly able to feel your connection to all parts of your being, there is an inner peace and balance that comes. There is a calm. There is a knowing of the existence of something larger - and this allows for so much authenticity, love and joy to flow. It is the next step in finding the greater balance that you seek by coming to a deeper knowledge of who you are at your core.


Are you ready to experience the next evolutionary step in your consciousness? Gain more clarity, simplicity, and relaxation with your choices and decisions. When you can make clearer, simpler decisions, you reduce stress. Spirit Activation is the second level of Life Activation. It helps you see more of your special gifts and strengthen your desire to use them in service. It helps open your senses to get more out of your life. You will feel more alive, in tune and in harmony with yourself and the universe around you: Flow more smoothly through the rapid changes of today with greater ease, balance, and awareness of the options before you. Quiet mental chatter. Awaken your physical senses to experience more of the world. Access higher levels of consciousness. Have a more integrated thought process and awareness of yourself. Overcome apathy and doubt. Strengthen your body-mind-soul interface. See more possibilities of what you can be and can do. And so much more...


This healing modality includes an alchemical water based formula (Purificato & Crystalis) to assist the body to assimilate this extra light and yield faster results.