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Crystal Gridding-One Room


Crystals are much more than beautiful pieces of rock. Their functions and abilities go far beyond what our human mind may understand. They are two-dimensional beings and are part of the mineral kingdom.Like plants, they are very much alive. Crystals are formed in the earth for thousands of years and they have been used by ancient tribes for things like manifestation, healing and magick.


Crystals on their own are extremely powerful and influential however, when placed in a specific pattern, these benefits grow exponentially. Crystal grids are the formation of such patterns within a space to facilitate communication between the crystals. The exchange of energy between the crystals are similar to electromagnetic waves and the net they form raises the vibration of a space and completely alter the energy of a home or business space.


Each grid has a specific function and they function independently to enhance the energy and light flow (positive energy) within any given space.


Sacred geometrical crystal grids elevate and raise the vibration of any space bringing in wholeness, protection, sacredness, God and Goddess energy and greater love. These permanent crystal grids will bring in a continuous experience of strong, positive energy. The crystals used in these grids maintain an extremely positive energy at all times.


Additional benefits of crystal grids are:

  • General enhanced sense of wellbeing
  • Decreased physical pain and ailments
  • Greater sense of calm and focus
  • Increased cognitive function, mental clarity and motivation
  • Empowerment, determination, passion
  • Accelerated manifestation of projects and ideas
  • Unity amongst employees or individuals – better communication and cooperation
  • Reduced negative thoughts and behaviours


You can choose to grid your whole house or only certain rooms and spaces, like bedrooms, children’s/baby’s room or an office space.


The room/house is ‘gridded’ with ancient sacred geometrical shapes by walking and weaving this sacred geometry together with ancient holy words. This grid is then ‘locked’ into place by crystals that are secured at specific places in the room or house.

There are four sacred geometrical grids and each has a different amount of crystals that are used, bringing in and anchoring a specific energy.


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