© 2020 by Lisa M. Sobry

Ancient Crystal Healing


In this crystal healing modality specific crystals are used to heal several different areas of your being. These areas are:

  • Emotional – if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or dealing with strong emotions
  • Mind – if you feel stuck in your mind or your mind is too busy
  • Physical body ailments
  • Internal body ailments
  • Spacial perception – if you suffered from any trauma, memory loss, feeling scattered and all over the place
  • Time enhancement – always running out of time, or bored, having too much time
  • Pure mind – if you want more inner peace and need more clarity
  • Libido – feeling depressed and lacking passion and drive
  • Empowerment – if you feel overwhelmed and need strength

This is a profound healing that sends you deep into theta and you will awake feeling refreshed, joyful and at peace.


This healing can be done once, or once a week for a series of healings in all areas of your life.