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Akashic & Crystal Healing Experience

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This healing combination clears and rejuvenates your entire being using the healing power of the crystals!


An Akashic Records Reading can help you clear and release unwanted beliefs or patterns, ancestral wounding, gain clarity on soul contracts and help you connect with the essence of who you are. Some people want to receive healing from traumatic events that have been inflicted on their soul, or focus on situations that are more related to their present life and current circumstances.


Ancient Crystal Healing-In this crystal healing modality specific crystals are used to heal several different areas of your being. These areas are:Emotional – if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or dealing with strong emotionsMind – if you feel stuck in your mind or your mind is too busyPhysical body ailmentsInternal body ailmentsSpacial perception – if you suffered from any trauma, memory loss, feeling scattered and all over the placeTime enhancement – always running out of time, or bored, having too much timePure mind – if you want more inner peace and need more clarityLibido – feeling depressed and lacking passion and driveEmpowerment – if you feel overwhelmed and need strengthThis is a profound healing that sends you deep into theta and you will awake feeling refreshed, joyful and at peace.


The ancient crystal healing rites work on all levels of the human – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is very effective in addressing and releasing the underlying issues that often restrict complete recovery to health.


These healing rites are extremely gentle healings, they are blessings in ancient Sanskrit to heal past trauma, new trauma, and invite abundance and good fortune.

After receiving this healing you will feel refreshed, rested and alive in a new way.

The areas that can be worked on and healed are:

Old Wounds Rite – client focuses on what and where they need and desire healing

New Wounds Rite – client focuses on release from pain and healing wounds from love and life

Good Fortune Rite – client focuses on their desires